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Reliable Concrete Forming Services in Bancroft

BANCON takes pride in providing high-quality concrete forming services in Bancroft. Whether you need it for personal use or industrial usage, we provide reliable products and services.


What is Concrete Forming?

These are solid barriers that hold the concrete fluid in shape until it becomes hard and acquires a shape. The concrete takes the shape of the mold in which it is contained. Concrete forms are widely used in the construction industry. 

Various types of concrete forms are available in different shapes and sizes. They include:

Wooden Forms – This is the most common type of concrete form. Wooden boards are joined together, and the concrete is poured into it to obtain shape. This form of casting does not exceed more than 6 inches.
Concrete Wall Forms – When large walls must be built, concrete wall forms are used. These are made with steel piers and can be used to construct foundations and steel piers.
Steel Concrete Forms – Concrete forms made of steel is a long-lasting solution in construction purposes. If these forms are properly maintained, they can be used for more than 2000 work cycles.
Insulated Concrete Forms – Often known as ICF, this is a type of concrete form where concrete is sandwiched between two blocks or panels to serve as thermal insulation for concrete walls.


Benefits of Using Concrete Forms

• You can conserve the energy. Concrete forms are energy efficient
• Highly durable
• Reduces air infiltration

Not all kinds of concrete forms are suitable for all types of construction work. Opting for a concrete form is dependent on various factors. For instance, depending on the pressure on the form, weight on the form, type of compaction and pour size come into play. 

You can rely on us for quality concrete forming services in Bancroft. We also extend concrete pumping services. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians will provide services in a quick and efficient manner.


Learn More About our Concrete Forming Services in Bancroft

Schedule an appointment with us to discuss concrete forming services in Bancroft and get a free estimate from us for your next project. You can also fill in the online form and our representatives will get back to you immediately.

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